Use a coin selector to lock the computer

Ελληνική σελίδα

Two versions
  • With stopwatch on the Coin
  • without timer

Both servant with software and connected to the USB port

Both pooping timer on the screen









The box is made of sheet metal thickness 6 / 10 to be able to withstand in violent strikes.

The feed is made by the computer. The trends are used for computer 5V and 12V for the detection of the coin.

For the placement does not need previous experience in a similar system


Key features:

  • Accepts all currencies.

  • Electronic coin recognition in both types

  • Adjust for the time corresponding to the coin

  • Deployment in two simple steps

  • Handling and installation of english

  • When you start up the computer allows time to prepare the computer

  • Interrupts the keyboard, mouse, screen

  • Safe lock  

  • Metal Construction

  • Stopwatch on computer screen

  • They will not accept coins until it is ready, and the computer locked

  • It  recalls the rest of the time in the event of a power failure or crash the computer (with a timer edition)

  • Tested and works with all popular games.

  • Compatible with the program Freeze cards and system restoration

  • Compatible with cloned disks

  • Possibility for setting Bonus time The amount adjusted in the program



  • The instructions for use in the Greek download them from here

  • To download drivers of the USB Coin click here

  • To download the program  click here  ver 1.0.155

  • To download the program for the version without stopwatch click Here. the password is 555

  • password is 1453

  • Photos for charging 6€/hour, download by clicking here



Remember this setting

Screen saver setting

  • Never use password at screen saver

  • At menu  "Power"

    • Turn off monitor =Never

    • Turn off hard disk = Never

    • System standby =Never

  • At "Advance menu"

    • uncheck the  "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby

    • Power buttons

      • when  press power button on my computer "Do nothing"

    • When I press sleep button on my computer

      • "Do nothing"

Without these arrangements would not aktivirate protection system, the protection of the screen will still active




Error 75

In the configuration program, you have provided as an alternative  disk storage the CDrom. The program cannot  be written to the CD rom and returns the error 75







The electronics coin can obtain separately

Features board with RELE You can use it to playsation

PCB characteristics with  RELE

It can be connected with playsation 2 or 3

  • It operates with 5V
  • Accepts input pulses 25ms and 50ms
  • Coin you can connect multiple currencies and the currency.
  • Dimensions 81mm X 85mm
  • They have digital input TT L with isolation
  • Graduated time base X1, X2, ... CH8
  • Measuring up to 999 minutes .
  • It has contacts 6 NO

You can ask to have a different base years eg 10 minutes per coin or 15 minutes


You may obtain and only carton or Coin
The coin-programmed delivered in the currencies you want to recognize.

The feeling is of type  AL05s

Both groups for planning currencies. At one can be configured in coins and other brands.

The default setting is 0.5€ , 1€  and 2 €

Click on these



Client Server program One server and many terminal click  here

Program with card reader and plastic cards click  here

Program the lock the computer with username and password. click here


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