A coin selector check multiple computers

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How it works.

The Server

One of the computers we call Server and run the  program Server Coin Selector.

The server can supervise up to 48 terminals. If interrupted communication terminals lock if they have no remaining years.

  • The timing of the coin is regulated in the program

  • There is an opportunity to give a gift years (bonus) depending on the amount

  • In the event of interruption or crash the server can be detected without the terminals to close terminals

  • From the coin-informed all terminals for the year paid by customers

  • Shutdown

  • Add spare time

  • Reset timers all from server


Minimum requirements for the PC is


  • Operating system windows XP SP2

  • Memory 512MB

  • Screen resolution VGA 1024X768

  • Disk Space 1GB

  • Card communication Ethernet 10MBit

  • Communication Protocol TCP / IP with a static address

Screen-capable touch screen optional




Server coin selector


Terminal timer



In computers - terminals run the  program "Client for coin selector"


Computers informed of the time the customer has bought from the server.

Every computer in a hunting USB connected timer for informing the client for the rest of the time.

After the end of the time  the customer can buy even more time pouring their coins in the coin-Server



  • The program remembers the time of the customer in case of breakdowns or crash

  • Ends programs that run year after XX (The time is set)

  • It does not allow the computer to finish (Adjust the program)

  • View the stopwatch and on the screen

  • Contains its own screensaver or can provide your own

  • Reset the timer to zero, with code password protected


Remember this setting

Screen saver setting

  • Never use password at screen saver

  • At menu  "Power"

    • Turn off monitor =Never

    • Turn off hard disk = Never

    • System standby =Never

  • At "Advance menu"

    • uncheck the  "Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby

    • Power buttons

      • when  press power button on my computer "Do nothing"

    • When I press sleep button on my computer

      • "Do nothing"


Without these arrangements will see the timer on the screen but the screen will not disappear the screen protection (because there is an active screen saver)



Error 75

In the configuration program, you have provided an alternative to disk CDrom. The program can not write the data and return error 75






Downloads To download the program Server click here

To download the program terminal click here

For instructions Click (Greek only) here. Include Server and terminals program

Go to  this page Coin selector with lock software and USB connection



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